Method 10533 is pretty much the best fitness experience I've ever had. My whole body feels different--stronger and leaner--and I've only been coming for a few months. The fastest results I have ever seen. The classes are challenging and invigorating, with no time wasted. The instructors are super knowledgeable and helpful. Once you try method, there's no turning back. ~Jessie K. 

"Prepare yourself for workouts unlike anything else you've experienced, and welcome the outstanding results they bring. I feel stronger, my metabolism is supercharged, and the core muscle groups I build in this class make all my other workouts seem easier. The instructors are attentive, always offering me variations to meet my needs and my capacity. Solid Five Stars, thank you Method." ~Vivian F.

"I started going to Method 10533 from the very beginning and I was hooked immediately! I am a 52 years old, avid soccer player with bad knees and bad back. Doing method 10533 with Dawn has changed my life! I am more flexible now than I was when I was younger. The megaformer has replaced physical therapy, I have gained strength throughout my entire body. Especially in my weak back and legs. I absolutely love it and recommend it to everybody that is interested!" ~Aniello R.

"I have been an avid skier, for almost 40 years and have always wanted to challenge myself in this sport! after having been enrolled in megaformer classes at method 10533, I have reached my goals! I have better control on mogul turns and have conquer effortlessly through heavy powder or whatever Mother Nature brings red powder skiing! My core muscles are much stronger and I can ski!!!" ~Ali H.

An avid CrossFitter for 4 years, I was in great shape but still lacking in a strong core that is needed for a lot of the basic CrossFit movements (pull-ups, toes to bar, handstand pushups, all the Olympic lifts). I planked every which way but it wasn’t enough. 
My friend suggested Method, expressing only that its "the best thing you can do for your body". From the moment the clock started and I started my first 4 second count I was hooked. The Instructors offered clear instruction and guidance throughout the class which helped me to find the small adjustments to make the movement burn a little more, get myself a little deeper and get that good muscle shake that comes from hard work. It took about 3 classes before I was really comfortable with the flow and able to focus on the Instructors words guiding us through the different movements.  The low impact (but don’t be mistaken, high intensity!) classes allow you to get at least 3 days a week of solid core work.  The results have been incredible.  My Olympic lifts got better and my gymnastics movements are tighter than ever.  Not to mention I look and feel great also! I love and look forward to my time on the megaformer.  I love challenging myself to make my transitions faster, limit my breaks and really get the best workout that I can. Method is definitely a personal journey, and Dawn and her Instructors are fantastic guides. ~Allyson R.

"This is the most efficient and cutting edge workout I have ever done (and also the hardest!)"  Not only do you burn calories during the 40 minute workout but you work every muscle in your body. I was hooked after my first class. I've been coming to method 10533 for 5 months and my body is the most toned and strongest it's ever been.  Coming here is like having a personal trainer.  There are only 10 people maximum in each class and the motivational instructors (which are all great, by the way) lead the class in a different workout each time. I recommend method 10533 to anyone wanting to build a lean, toned, strong body.  The results are amazing!"  ~Rosanne B.

"method 10533 offers a full body workout that is as challenging and intense as you want to make it.  Guys - its a tough but easy on-the- joints alternative to going heavy with weights" ~ Jon Miller

"method 10533 has been a fantastic addition to my workout regimen. I have been a runner for 25 years and I love it but over the past couple of years I started to have some aches and pains associated with overuse,  and my runs were starting to feel harder and slower. method 10533 has totally balanced my body and toned my underused muscles. The aches and pains are gone and I am once again loving my runs - and my Method workouts!" ~Claudia Z.

"I love method 10533!!
This class is like nothing I have ever done. It's a heart pounding muscle targeting full body workout that is so efficient it only takes 40 minutes. It targets muscles I didn't even knew I had! My body has transformed since I started taking the class's. The best thing about method fitness is that there are an unlimited number of ways to use the machine, you are never bored. I don't think I have ever done the same routine twice since I started months ago. That is key for me because I get bored so easily. The other thing I appreciate is that being over 40, and previously having back and hip pain, I have not once hurt myself. In fact, I feel that the workout has stopped my back and hip pain by making the muscles surrounding my back/hip stronger. I feel better today than I did in my twenties or thirties. The teachers are all great. Each one of them brings something different to the work out. It's a very relaxed and inviting environment." ~Lori McLelland

"I've been taking 1 to 2 classes per week at method 10533 for 5 months now. I am 51 years old and I've lost 28 lbs. My energy level is higher and I'm hitting the golf ball 1 club longer! No where else can you get a full core work out in 40 min. My flexibility has improved and I feel 10 years younger. You can actually feel the benefits in just a few classes. The trainers are great and the classes are small enough that you always get personal attention." ~Kevin Knowles

"You think you are in shape. You run a lot. Maybe you do yoga. You do some sit-ups and push-ups. Forget it! Your first method 10533 class will make you realize that your body has not been challenged like this before. And you want to go back for more!" ~Danielle S.

"Method 10533 has helped me in ways I never thought possible.  Due to a medical condition, I have certain physical limitations. The exercise program at method has helped to improve my strength, balance and focus. The class exercises can also be adjusted to the individual's ability, which was extremely beneficial to someone in my situation. Thank you method!" ~Christine K.

"I am fortunate to have found such a fun and exhilarating workout as method offers. I had never done any sort of organized workout class before, my exercise had always consisted of running, walking, or some sort of cardio, I had thought this was enough. This 40 minute workout has changed how I look at exercise. The classes are fun, the teachers are animated and well educated on both fitness and this particular style of machine. I have had the privilege of doing classes with Dawn, Larissa, and Dennis and while each is unique with their own technique, they are all encouraging and very motivating. This workout will work for anyone who desires to be healthier, look better, and has 40 minutes in their schedule. Imagine, 40 minutes for an entire body workout ,a workout that would take you two and a half hours at a gym! method 10533 can help you achieve all your fitness goals, they've certainly helped me achieve mine. Thank you method 10533!!!" ~Ruth N.

My family and friends have been amazed at the change in my body since I just started working out at method 10533 in February. While my original goal was to lose weight, after working out at method it has become so much more than “being thinner.” This workout has taught me that it’s more important to be strong, fast and overall healthy. Method 10533 lives by the motto “strong is the new skinny”. There is definitely a method to the madness of the Lagree workout! From peeking in the studio’s front window during a class, one might be intimidated by these workouts, as some of them look like only a contortionist could perform. But that is not the case! At the heart of the pedagogy of Lagree is challenging yourself slowly, so that you not only learn the routines but build the strength to challenge yourself more and more after each class. While I have fallen in love with the workout, it’s truly the trainers at Method that have kept me going back each week. Dawn and Larissa and the rest of the team are just amazing. I cannot express enough gratitude for their support and making working out an enjoyable, fun and rewarding experience! ~Angelique C.